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Producing high-quality pricing Proposals in a fraction of the time

One of the most time-consuming, challenging and often poorly executed aspects of opening a file and commencing a project for a client is the preparation of the budgeting and pricing information which we are required to provide to clients.

Virtual Pricing Director® is designed to use artificial intelligence, best in class templates and structured logic to help lawyers consistently produce high-quality pricing proposals in a fraction of the time it would normally take, irrespective of the level of seniority and experience of the lawyer involved in the project.

The product is being built in a way which is intuitively usable by any fee earner without any training. The standard we have set ourselves is that no matter their technical/digital capabilities, all fee earners will feel comfortable using it to its full capacity after nothing more than watching a five-minute online video instruction.

Imagine getting your hands on software
that does all this

  • Incorporates the 'smarts' of the world’s leading legal services pricing consultancy
  • Covers 80% or more of the work you have to price
  • Automatically and intelligently generates assumptions and exclusions based on your scope
  • Integrates seamlessly with your PMS
  • Instantly provides fee earners and their supervisors real-time profitability and margin alerts
  • Has been built for lawyers, not tech geeks, is intuitive and requires no training
  • Can be instantly exported into an engagement letter or, printed or emailed direct to the client
  • Is based on work scope templates prepared by the leading subject matter specialists in the UK
  • Provides intuitive fee earner alerts, guidance and recommendations throughout the pricing process
  • Uses smart algorithms to automatically calculate a price risk profile, fee range and fixed fee options
  • Instantly provides fee earners and their supervisors with real-time budget against actual
  • Standardises high quality, robust pricing proposals regardless of fee earner experience or seniority
  • Is cloud-based and can be accessed anywhere at any time on any device
  • Does all this and much more in a fraction of the time it takes currently

The Partners

Virtual Pricing Director® is the result of a game changing collaboration between two recognised leaders in their field.

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